Can I replace run flat tires with regular tires?

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Knowing which tires should be used for the betterment and uplifting of your motor vehicle is a thing automobile enthusiasts should be aware of. Before making any decisions related to your vehicle, it is really important to be acquainted with its consequences since it can affect not only your vehicle but your life as well.

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If you want to find out whether there’s a possibility of replacing run flat tires with regular ones without them compromising your vehicle’s performance and safety then we have got you covered.

Can I replace run flat tires with regular tires?

The simple answer is, yes, run flat tires can be replaced with regular tires.

However, keeping in mind the fact that both the kinds of tires have different properties and are made for different usages, it must be made sure that if this replacement occurs, it’s only for a temporary time period.

It should be avoided unless there’s no other option available and replacing all 4 tires becomes inevitable.

This is because the difference in the type of tires will starkly impact the performance of the vehicle, subsequently leading to an increase in risky and unpredictable situations.

However, it is acceptable when all 4 run flat tires are to be replaced with normal ones because even though there are still a lot of important things to be remembered about the procedure, the risk of accidents decreases immensely.

Why can’t you mix run flat tires and normal tires permanently?

Combining run flat and normal tires is surely not a good idea because this action can put your safety at risk and cause horrific accidents.

These are two different kinds of tires with different styles and operations as run flat tires are made to be driven even after a puncture because they are made with multiple layers of rubber that makes them stiffer while normal ones are your standard tires that own thin walls and cannot be driven after a puncture.

So, their wear level along with their handling level is also dissimilar as run flat tires have a soft compound of tread inside of them, that wears out faster than normal ones.This will most likely cause an imbalance in handling, reducing the stability and eventually risking your life.

Furthermore, this also affects the ride since normal tires tend to provide smoother rides however run flat tires offer a harsher ride due to the difference in their tire size.

So, in conclusion this can be done in case of an emergency for a limited time but only when there are no other options or solutions left.

Run Flat VS Normal Tires

Run flat tires own thicker and more rigid walls when compared to normal tires.

These are created by numerous layers of rubber which resist heat and have the special ability to run a limited distance even after a puncture has taken place.

When the tire loses air pressure, the reinforced walls possessed by them come handy and deliver structural support to the vehicle’s weight by upholding its shape so that you can keep on driving without tearing the rubber and revealing the metal which can put you in an unsafe position.

Some possess a hard ring which is found around the rim to provide extra support and they are known as support ring run flat tire.

Moreover, others have an additional covering under the tread of the tire along with a puncture sealant solution which are called self-sealing run flat tires.

These tires claim to have a limited lineage since their main purpose is to help you reach a site where you can replace your tires after your puncturing incident has occurred.

Furthermore, once they are harmed in any way, it is difficult to repair them. Some cannot be repaired at all and those have a note written on their sidewalls which says “Do Not Repair”.

While on the other hand, normal tires are built with normal latex and thinner walls.

These aren’t made to be driven when the vehicle is punctured, in fact it’s suggested not to drive them once the air pressure has been lost since they don’t have sidewalls to hold and carry the automobile, continuing to drive can further damage your wheels which can be expensive to fix.

Though these can be fixed and used again.

Things to consider when changing tires temporarily or permanently

There are a few things to act on when changing all 4 tires completely or mixing them. Following this will help avoid unnecessary damage and will ensure the safety of you and your vehicle.

  • Cost inflation or Inflation pressure of both the tires should be the same.
  • Size of both tires should be exactly the same.
  • The carrying capacity should be similar for both tires.
  • Both of the tire’s speed ratings should be identical.
  • Keep in mind that alarms, TPMS and specifications like internal programming will be affected when swapping the tires.
  • One should obey the suggestions made by the manufacturer.
  • Confirm that you have bought all the appliances needed when an emergency of switching the tires occurs.


Lastly to wrap it all up, there is only one case in which replacing run flat tires with normal ones ensures safety and that is when all four tires are being swapped with the same type of tire.

If they are being mixed then it should only be done for a small period of time in case of an urgent situation.

It is not recommended as a permanent change since it is very unsafe for your motor mobile and you.Contemplating all the advantages and drawbacks of the situation of the tires along with seeking professional help is highly advocated.

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