Kenda Klever AT2 Review

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Kenda Klever AT2 is an All-Terrain tire manufactured to provide optimum performance in all seasons. It is mainly used in light trucks and SUVs. AT2 is a winter Snowflake certified tire and is designed at the Kenda American Technical Center.

Kenda Klever AT2
Kenda Klever (AT2) looks cool on Rubicon with float sizes.

The tire is a very durable with a mileage warranty of up to 60,000 miles. It offers a very comfortable ride with a tread depth of 14/32’’. Its wider grooves help to resist hydroplaning to the fullest potential and provide phenomenal performance on snow.

Its interlocking tread blocks helps in providing outstanding off-road traction and it composition of strong silica polymers make it wear-reisistant to a good deal.

But the best part is, all of this is in the budget. The tire is very cheap compared to other All Terrain tires in the market.

Tread Features of the tire:

Kenda Klever AT2 has a non-directional symmetrical tread design with staggered block patterns on its tread wall which increases the surface traction.

It has a tread design with all season compound which improves all-weather traction.

The tire is made with strong compound elements which help in decreasing the treadwear rate. Its tread design increases the surface contact when the tire is in motion.

It has two circumferential grooves and large shoulder blocks. It has four tread block columns with wider circumferential and lateral grooves.

The tire has low-density siping on its overall tread pattern where it’s interlocking tread blocks are “Kenda-optimized”, as they say it.

Benefits of AT2 Tread Design?

  • Its flexible sidewalls enhances the comfort of the ride. 
  • Its interlocked center blocks help in providing better traction in all weather conditions. 
  • It consists of sidewall protectors which increase traction on loose ground. 
  • It is constructed with a Double Steel belt which increases uniformity and contributes to a smoother ride.

Following is the tire we reviewed.

SpecificationsKenda Klever AT2 (235/75R15)
Tire TypeAll-Terrain Tire
Tire SeasonAll-Season  
Tread TypeNon- directional symmetrical 
Available Sizes, Inches15, 16, 17, 18, ,20
ApplicationLight Truck and SUVs
UTQG Rating560 A B
Load Index109
Speed RatingT

Compare Kenda Klever AT2 with others:

How effective AT2’s traction is on Dry Roads?

It has an open tread which enhances its traction on hard pavements by optimizing its grip and steering response.

Kenda AT2 firmly holds on dry surfaces with great stability and control as it consists a staggered pattern on outer blocks of its shoulders (this is also seen on some high end “pricey” tires).

The tire also provide you with a good sidewall composition with it’s large shoulder blocks which enable the tire to move more easily on dry roads.

It also has a convenient contact patch which makes it very reliable on dry surfaces. 

How well does it Deal with Wet and Icy Roads?

The Kenda AT2 has low density siping on its overall tread pattern which can make its grip very inefficient on wet and icy roads.

There are a small number of sipes on its shoulder blocks due to which AT2 offers satisfactory handling on wet and icy roads.

The tire is studdable where snow traction can be improved by adding studs to its pre-drilled stud holes.

Its optimized tread design and aggressive styling tries to improve its ice and wet traction but that is not enough to provide great performance on these roads.

How good is its Traction on Snow?

The AT2’s open tread has high biting efficiency which conveniently channels snow out of the tread walls.

The tire provides outstanding steering on snow due to the staggered edges on its outer blocks.

It silica rich rubber is softer and with winter temperatures the tire does not get too stiffen up (just like winter tires do, although they are much more softer).

This combined with it’s biting edges, the tire qualifies for Three Peak Mountain Snowflake symbol rating (which is basically sees if the tire has good acceleration on snow).

So overall, it’s safe to say that the tire’s snow grip is good enough.

It provides an interlocking design which traps the snow, and with snow to (trapped) snow contact provides great control and stability on snowy surfaces.

(Rubber to snow contact is not as ideal in this type of terrain).

How it performs off road in rugged terrains?

The Kenda AT2 is specially designed for off-road traction, and being an all terrain tire, it can take up some of the toughest off road challenges. The tire’s interlocking tread elements helps to provide great traction on rocks, where it provides a web of grovees sticking on the surface.

But on mud, the very same interlocking design is prone to get packed, and this does not allow this tire to have better traction values here.

The tire although has average sidewall with a 2 ply construction (of polyester), it’s still a little puncture resistant here compared to 3 ply for example as seen in it’s more aggressive variant, the Kenda Klever RT.

But the tire can still withstand a little bit of abuse from bashing rocks while also maintaining traction in dirt and loose sediment. As the tire still has 2 high strength steel belts running on top of polyester carcass and all of this is further wrapped with nylon.

The sidewall design of the tire also helps (when pressured down) as its lugs stick on the rocks surface very efficiently.

How well does it Perform in Rainy Season?

It’s always difficult for all terrain tires to deal with water, as its a complicated subject.

But this tire provides everything to deal with it.

It’s wide circumferential and lateral grooves provide a lot in-depth space for water to pass through. And this way tire is very resistive against hydroplaning as void space makes a tire more flexible so it can mold better with the road and maintain the necessary amount of traction.

And speaking of molding, the tire with its polymer rich rubber also allows sipes to be more flexible. These sipes pump any water that is stuck beneath the tread, while the rest move through the channels.

How long will they last?

The Kenda Klever AT2 has a strong rubber compound which makes the tire very flexible and suitable in every condition.

Its construction does not deform under pressure and its high strength structure shields it against any damage. Its reliable tread depth is another reason why it is considered a durable tire. 

It also offers different mileage warranties for different vehicles.

For example, AT2 offers a 50,000 miles warranty for light trucks while 60,000 miles warranty for SUVs.

With both high tread depth and mileage warranty, AT2 will be regarded as a very durable tire.

Tread DepthMileage Warranty 
Kenda Klever AT2 (235/75R15)14/32’’60,000 miles

How comfortable is AT2?

Klever has a tread depth of 14/32’’ which is considered very good.

And with this depth combined with it’s softer compound, the tire absorbs quite a good deal of shocks efficiently, providing a very comfortable ride, as a result.

The tire’s interlocking tread and strong shoulder blocks reduce vibrations during motion, as they are evenly distributed across the tire.

Is Kenda Klever AT2 Noisy?

Being an all terrain tire, you can’t expect a same level of on road noise, like with other on road tires.

And having said that, the tire is just okay and not super quite.

AT2 has a high void ratio with larger block valleys between its grooves and when air particles strike between them, noise is produced.

But the tire with it’s random placement of blocks provide variable pitch, where different angles of these blocks make different sound waves and this dampens the noise.

How Stable is this tire at High Speeds?

Klever AT2 has a speed rating of T and load index of 109 and the higher their values the better.

It offers great stability below the speed of 118/mph and can carry weight up to 2271/lbs which is quite high as compared to many industry’s standard tires.

So, it can be considered a very stable tire at high speeds.

So what’s the verdict?

The Kenda Klever AT2 is a pretty nice budget pick. The tire offers 60k miles warranty and is pretty durable, so it’s also going to last a while.

Sounds like a really nice investment to me.

But in the end it all comes down to your need. Are you staying on streets? or going off road?

This tire is a good balance between on and off road. So it’s 50% on and 50% off road.

It’s good tread depth (14/32″ of the tire here), is quite deep enough to evacuate dirt/mud (but don’t expect mud terrain performance out of them).

It has good load rating, and is also 3 PMSF rated, so it’s not going to disappoint on snow.

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