Michelin Energy Saver AS Review

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Michelin Energy Saver AS is an standard touring all-season tire that provides outstanding traction on dry and irregular surfaces throughout the year. It is specially designed for use in hybrid and passenger cars and provides phenomenal fuel efficiency.

Michelin Energy Saver
Had Michelin painted on Energy Saver AS

Unlike other cars, it is very environmentally friendly and reduces the emission of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. It is a very polite and comfortable tire as it has a low void ratio and a good tread depth.

Available Sizes

Currently the Energy Saver comes in 16 total sizes, in 15 to 18 inches rims, with following specs.

  • Speed ratings: H and V.
  • Load ratings: SL and XL.
  • Tread depth: Mostly 8.5/32″.
  • Weight Range: 14.8 to 26 lbs.
  • Warranty: Up to 65k miles.

Tire Offers Best Fuel Economy

Saver is a fuel-efficient passenger tire and is specially designed for drivers who are willing to maximize their fuel economy. It is made with Michelin Energy Saver Construction Technology which makes sure that carbon dioxide emissions are reduced. It has low rolling resistance which has an inverse relation with fuel efficiency. 

A tire with a broad contact patch will provide great performance on dry roads but with this, the rolling resistance will also increase. Saver does not have a much broader contact patch so it has low rolling resistance which means that it will consume less energy when driving on the road against friction.  So, Saver can be termed as a tire that will provide an excellent fuel average without compromising on its road traction performance.

Tread Features 

Michelin Energy Saver A/S
Full depth interlocking sipes on all blocks are seen

Energy Saver A/S has a symmetrical tread pattern with three circumferential grooves and large shoulder blocks.

It has 5 tread block columns with the outer ones being the largest. Each tread block contains one zigzag sipe while its shoulder block contains one big and one small sipe. 

It is designed with a unique silica-based tread rubber and has low density siping on its tread and shoulder blocks.

Its internal structure also consists of two twin belts on top of a polyester cord casing.

Manufacturing Technologies 

  • Saver is made with Michelin Green X technology which optimizes fuel economy by reducing its rolling resistance and weight without compromising traction performance.
  • Saver consists of Michelin Comfort Control Technology which greatly reduces vibrations and road noise by using a computer-optimized design and precision manufacturing.
  • It is designed with Max Touch Construction Technology which improves the tire’s contact with the road and evenly distributes the forces of acceleration, braking, and cornering to deliver miles of driving pleasure.
  • Saver also has Michelin Energy Saver Construction Technology which helps to keep the tire cooler and reduces the emission of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere thus reducing fuel consumption.

More specs of the tire I used to review:

SpecificationsEnergy Saver AS (205/55R16)
Tire TypeTouring Tire
Tire SeasonAll-Season  
Tread TypeSymmetrical 
Available Sizes, Inches15,16, 17, 18
ApplicationPassenger Cars
UTQG Rating480 B B
Tire Traction Rating
Tread Depth 8.5/32 inches
Warranty 6 Warranty
Mileage warranty 65,000 miles
Speed RatingH
Cost 162.42$

Performance on Dry Roads

The Michelin Energy Saver provides great performance on dry roads with outstanding steering response. It has broad and deep tread blocks which enhance Saver’s grip on dry roads.

Thanks to Michelin Max Construction Technology, Saver has excellent rubber-to-road contact. As Saver is a touring tire it provides great dry traction because of its all-season rating.

The trie has a soft tread compound that increases its control in dry and rough conditions. Its made with a silica-based tread compound which makes them more elastic and flexible.

Not only the steering response but it also improves Saver grip and braking on irregular surfaces. This makes Michelin Saver’s performance quite good on dry surfaces.

Traction on Wet Roads

On wet aspalts, the tire does not impress. Although it features deep interlocking siping and high silica rubber, the still low density of siping (especially when compared to other all season tires out there) cause slippage on wet roads while maneuvering operation.

Due to low density siping, its biting ability reduces to a great extent on wet pavement. Its tread does not boost deep grooves that channel water out from the tire so will be unable to provide excellent wet traction.

Snow Traction:

Same as wet, its silica-based tread compound also offers better grip and handling during winter and snowy conditions.

But still, the tire does not provide too good performance on snow.

Its lateral grooves are not too wide due to which the tires cannot bite into snow effectively.

It has a Shallower tread and worn-away sipes which reduces its snow grip.

But still it’s not too bad, as the tire’s locking sipes and grooves can trap in the snow and make a decent snow to snow contact, enhancing grip.

So overall, you can say it shows an average performance here, which is fine, given that the tire is not 3 Peak Mountain Snowflake rated.

Durability and Tread Wear:

The Michelin Energy Saver is shielded with a polyester cord casing which strengthens its tread and maximizes its performance year after year making it very durable. Its tread rubber is very strong and resists wear quite well.

The tire’s structure also includes two steel belts on top of the polyester casing which further protects the tire against damage.

It does not heat up very often as it consists of Energy Saver Construction Technology which helps in keeping the tire cool.

And also worth reminding, the tread depth and mileage warranty when talking about Savers durability. It may not have a remarkable tread depth but offers a mileage warranty of up to 65,000 miles.

On Road Noise and Comfort:

The tire is designed with Michelin Comfort Control Technology. This reduces tire vibration and road noise to the fullest potential and makes Saver a very polite tire. Saver has strong shoulder blocks which enhances its handling in all conditions and helps in offering a smooth and polite ride.

It has a low void ratio due to narrow lateral grooves. Due to the low void ratio, there will be less space for air particles to circulate inside grooves for noise production. As fewer particles will strike the wall, less noise will be produced. With a low void ratio and Michelin’s Comfort Control Technology, Saver will be considered a very polite tire.

The tire consists of twin steel belts reinforced by spirally wrapped polyamide which shields the tire during motion so vibrations can be avoided.

Energy Saver has large shoulder and tread blocks, due to this it deals with road trouble quite well. It offers a decent amount of cushion between the road and tire. That’s why drivers using this tire experience a very comfortable ride.


Energy Saver AS is a very reliable and trust-able tire. It offers many warranties for its customers to build trust. Firstly, it offers a 6-year limited standard warranty.

It gives a 65,000 miles warranty for its H, T, and S speed-rated tires while a 55,000 miles warranty for its V speed-rated tires.

It provides a warranty of 6 years for workmanship and materials. It also offers a 30-day special warranty in which you will receive a full refund.


Where these tires are great:

  • The tire offers excellent traction on dry surfaces.
  • It is very fuel efficient and eco-friendly.
  • It offers a very comfortable and polite ride.
  • It is very durable due to its long treadwear warranty.

Where these tires are not:

  • Its snow performance is average.
  • It offers poor wet and ice traction